Friday, July 17, 2009


Kingston came over to play with us this morning so we thought we'd go outside. The kids got into the sidewalk chalk and it ended up all over their faces. Then they decided to ride their bikes through a big puddle and splash around in it. Tyson's bike got stuck in such a way that when he turned the wheels the bike would stay put, but it would splash the water from the puddle up from behind. We had so much fun!

Kingston trying to eat the water Tyson was splashing.
Joel ended up with numerous buckets of water dumped on his head. He just laughed about it.

Darion was a warrior with his chalky face.

Joel getting in the bucket. Silly kid!
We love our friends and the kids were grateful they had so many people to play with this morning!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We took the kids to Liberty park this morning to play in the fountains. Somehow the subject of baptism was brought up before we left. Darion was so afraid in the car on the way there. He kept saying "Dad I don't want to get baptized today." We were trying to explain to him that he won't get baptized until he is 8 years old and that it wasn't going to happen in a wading pool at the park. Darion was happy when we got to the park and the wading pools were closed. We decided to play on the playground instead.

Darion and I decided to jump off of some rocks together.

Darion's foot on the rocks. What I am going to do when his feet aren't this little and cute any more? That will be a sad day!

This is Joel's hand. This is what happens when you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and your mom and dad don't wash your hands very well after and then you decide to get in the sand.

Darion was the King of the Rock!

More King of the Rock

Joel's pb&j was starting to look pretty nasty when he got in the sand with it. We couldn't tear him away from it.

The boys picked some "flowers" for me. I loved them so much that I took a picture of them.


Rusten and Darion are buddies!

They had a little bit of a fountain on the playground so we were still able to enjoy a little bit of water without a baptism.

Swingin' in style!

Those feet belong to Darion. He was coming down while Joel was wanting to climb up. Not a very good combination. Joel ended up with feet in his face.

My little Joelie Bear!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We got the boys ready for church and they wanted to wear hats like their dad wears when he "does his hair." They said they were pirates. And what CUTE pirates they are!