Monday, June 28, 2010


We were lucky to have Grandma Roxy, Papa Ernie, Great-Grandma Steadman, and Aunt Darlene stay with us for a few days. We had a full house, but it never seemed too crowded because it was filled with loved ones. We have to take all of our visitors to the coast because it's so beautiful here. Here are some of the pics:
Joel and Papa Ernie

Grandma Steadman (left) and Aunt Darlene (right)

Papa Ernie and Grandma Roxy
Joel (isn't he sweet)
Rusten and Darion
Darion doing "sand angels" (silly) Thank you for spending some time with us. Please come again soon! We love you!

Utah Trip

We had the opportunity to visit family in Utah. We miss them and love them. We had a great time.

The boys had a waterfight with their cousin Kingston.

Grandma and Grandpa let the boys play in the mud.

The only time the three of them would sit still long enough for a picture

We had so much fun and now we're stuck missing our families again. We love Oregon, we just wish we could bring all of them with us up here.