Thursday, January 27, 2011

Darion's Photo Shoot

This is what happened when Darion got ahold of my laptop. He left me with some surprises. The pictures speak for themselves.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oregon Zoo

We all had the day of on Monday for Martin Luther King day. The Oregon Zoo was having a free day so we decided that we would venture up to Portland to spend the day. The weather was great (sunny and fifty degrees) so we didn't care that it was so crowded that there was no parking and we had to take a shuttle to get us there. The kids loved riding the school bus shuttle. We met our friend Trista and her kids there. She recently moved to Portland and her husband was in school that day. It was fun to see her and the boys loved seeing their friend Karston. We had a lot of fun!

Our self-portrait on the bus. (Joel was obviously not happy about getting his picture taken)
Darion, Joel, and Karston



The Great Northwest. (We're so lucky to live up here- it's GORGEOUS)

My little primates