Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Drive

Yesterday we took a short drive up to San Francisco. We drove up the coast. It was beautiful. We stopped at Golden Gate Bridge and got out and took a walk over it. The boys LOVED it. Darion told me that his favorite part was seeing Alcatraz Island from up there. He even said he could see cobwebs on it. (That made me giggle.) He was a little nervous because the bridge is so high above the water, but Rusten and I were so proud of him because he didn't let that stop him from taking a walk with us.

Joel is just fearless. Which puts fear into me. Even though there was no way he could fit through the rail, we got a little nervous when he started putting his arms and legs through the openings. Joel fell out of a second story window a little over a year ago. After a trip to the Emergency Room and only a scratch on his belly, it has left him feeling invincible and unafraid of anything. That would have been a lot more of a fall than the second story window. Sometimes I wish he were more afraid.

We had fun and I was happy to be with my three most favorite people in the world!

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